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Ashura Poster Series

Size: 11" x 17"


Size: 11" x 17"


Size: 11" x 17"


Size: 11" x 17"


Size: 11" x 17"


Is there something you believe in? Would you stand against all odds for this cause?

What if you were weak, tired and hungry? Would you feel the same way?

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What if your family and friends were tortured and killed? Would you abandon your cause ?

Let us introduce you to a man who was put in this situation.  He was deprived of water, food and freedom. His friends and family were either brutally killed or tortured and humiliated. But he still didn 't lose hope in truth, honesty and righteousness.

Fourteen hundred years later , on every Ashura of every year, his message still lives in the hearts of millions , who can never forget his tragedy. He symbolizes the undying struggle against persecution and injustice.

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr , and other modern-day humanitarians live by his example .

The famous Urdu poet, Josh Malihabadi has rightly prophesized:

“Insaan Ko Bedaar Tou Ho Lene Do, Har Qaum Pukaaraygi Hamare hai Husaynâ€?
(Give mankind a chance to gain consciousness, every tribe will call out, “Husayn is ours!�

Meet Husayn Ibn Ali; the hero of Ashura; the warrior of righteousness; the oppressed of the oppressed; and still "The Universal Torch of Justice."


Join as we pay tribute to this great man and his message. 


Selected Articles

By: Abdullah Yusuf Ali (Renown Quran Translator)

By: Mahmoud Ayoub (University of Toronto)

By: Lynda Clark (University of Toronto)

By: Annemarie Schimmel (Harvard University)




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